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Some Old Favorites

THE DIGGER-not available


Dig in the snow; dig in the sand; dig in the mud. One of our customers told us she had this toy outside for 20 years and now her grandchild is using it to re-arrange the dirt in her backyard!

Comes assembled except for the seat, which you can easily attach to the metal base. 

Price: $75.00

Classic Jack-in-the-Box-Not available


This is the classic jack-in-the-box. It always brings a smile to the kids in our store, as I am sure it will bring a smile to your kids. 

Price: $24.95


Sits 11" high, floats, and is baby-safe. The most popular toy on our website for over 20 years, finding homes in Texas, California, North carolina, and even Ireland! Sorry, hat no longer available. 

Price: $18.95