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Prince Lionheart

Prince Lionheart is known for making baby-safe nursery supplies, but we love its wonderful ride-ons best. 

Small Ladybug Wheely Bug



This is one of the most delightful "toys" for little ones in our store. The bug won the Oppenheimer Toy award when it first came out a few years ago and has won many other awards since then.

Everything from the soft leather seat to the 4 wheels on casters and its light weight make it extremely easy for a little one to manuever, making even 360 degree turns a snap. 

The recommended ages are 1.5 to 3 years, but the key is whether or not a baby can sit up and hold on.  It's dimensions are 16" x 9" x 12" and it weighs about 5 pounds.

Price: not available

Large Ladybug Wheely Bug



Same look as the small bug, only larger. The large ladybug is designed for ages 1.5 to 3 years, but we find many children use it up to age 5 and we;ve even had more than one 9-year old try to ride it around the store. It is approximately 15.5" x 9" x 11.5". It weighs about 7 pounds.

Price: $89.95

Beebee Pod


This is not the correct picture -- will be added later. Sorry.

Price: Not available

Small Cow Wheely Bug


Once Upon a Time Toys is, after all in Vermont, so here is a wheely cow. Same great features as the small Ladybug. If you want the larger version, please email us.

Not available

Small Bee Wheely Bug


And here is the small bee. Again, if you want the larger version, please call or email us.

Price: Not available