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A House for All Seasons

My Cottage


A delightful cardboard playhouse. First you decorate it and then you crawl inside and play. Or maybe you crawl inside first!

All one piece and easy to put together. We put one of these outside for our store's 35th birthday celebration and the kids (and some of the parents) loved it; though EVERYONE wanted to put his or her name on the mailbox.

 Contents: 1-playhouse, 8-jumbo washable markers, 2-chimneys, 4-windows, 2-doors, 2-mail slots

When set up: 3 feet wide x 4.5 feet long x 49 inches tall

When collapsed:21 inches wide x 3 inches thick x 35 inches tall

Note: Even when set up, this house will fit through a standard door frame, but I don't think you will be moving it around or collapsing it very often.

Ranked # 4 in Top 10 Arts & Crafts Kits for Younger Kids by "Parenting of K-6 Children"

Also available in the same size: Kid's Castle and Kid's General Store. A larger version of the cottage is also available.

Price: $44.95